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Attention healers, meditation teachers, and coaches in the transformational realm – this could be the best $7 you spend this year!

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Start running your business from your dreams instead of your fears, so you can have a real impact and see results so fast people turn their heads saying, “I want what you’re having!”

Magnetize A-player clients who get A-player results. No more saying yes to anyone willing to pay! Plus, your ideal clients will turn into raving fans referring you to everyone in their network.

Enjoy sales because you see selling as being of service, and, as a result, have your conversion rates skyrocket without the need for complicated sales scripts or convincing.

Effortlessly attract opportunities like collaborations, interviews, and sponsorships, since people are drawn to your energy.

Coaches, healers, and experts in the transformational space: You don’t need another strategy, platform, or viral reel to get to your next level and reach 7 figures in 2024.

Those are just some of the ideas that hold many entrepreneurs back. Are any of the below scenarios stopping you from reaching your full potential?

Do you

  • Have an on-off relationship with your business where you post a lot on social media, get exhausted and disappear, then get back to posting frantically… yet you still don’t see the results you desire?

  • Charge hourly or per session and spend your days chasing new customers or delayed client payments?

  • Feel uncomfortable around sales as you think it needs to come with persuasion and pressure?

  • Have a big heart and desire to help people on a larger scale or through deeper transformations?

  • Identify as a multi-passionate, unsure of how you’ll market yourself in a way that accurately reflects your genius and attracts aligned clients?

  • No longer want to choose between doing what you’re passionate about and enjoying financial stability?

  • Find yourself at the 6 figure mark, and feel ready for 7 figures and beyond, but feel overwhelmed about your next steps?

If you’re reading this, chances are:

You have a bigger vision for your life and business and feel the weight of your untapped potential daily. Whether you’ve just launched your business, or are at 6-figures already, you feel stuck and unsure about the next best steps.

You may already be at 6 or 7-figures, but work around the clock feeling like an employee in your own business. You skip dinners with friends and time with your family, convincing yourself this is what life’s like as an entrepreneur.

At 3 AM, instead of sleeping soundly as your systems create a solid stream of qualified leads, you lay awake dreading the next day’s client calls. You’re working with anyone who can pay, say yes to clients who drain your energy, and feel guilty for not feeling grateful about your business.

Or you have a scarcity money mindset that has you hitting the glass ceiling at your current income level, whether that’s just getting by or 6-figures. You’re trying to solve a mindset problem with more strategy, looking for the one tactic that will unlock your finances… in vain.

You have genuine intentions and gifts worth sharing at a larger scale, but your bank account isn’t reflecting your boldness, bravery, and devotion to your purpose. You may even wonder whether business is for you. Is it worth the constant roller coaster?

You’re stuck in the linear employee mindset of “growth takes time”. You have financial goals that feel abundant and would allow you to reinvest in yourself, take time off with your family, and say “I’ve got this” when a friend is in financial difficulties… but you believe they are years away.

You’re ready to pivot in your business since you no longer feel excited about your offer, but you are scared of losing traction and customers if you make the changes you feel called to do.

Here’s the truth: If you’re waiting to feel ready… you’ll wait forever. I know you’re brave and bold at heart, so here’s your reminder to stop playing small. The world is ready for your magic. And it may only be a mindset shift away.

How would it feel to:

  • Create your best year in business yet, all while staying off the content creation hamster wheel?

  • Optimize your business for your unique skills, personality, lifestyle, and goals, so you can feel genuinely excited about showing up?

  • Learn the 12 common mistakes that keep your business small, so you can generate the income and impact you desire?

  • Get the money mindset shifts and powerful exercises that took me from overworked and underpaid to 7-figures within a few months?

If you felt an intuitive “yes” to any of the above, click the button below! Take action today – your future self will thank you.

If you felt an intuitive “yes” to any of the above, click the button below! Take action today – your future self will thank you.


"After a month of joining Yamuna’s course and his Conscious Business Mastery, I was able to sell my first $9k program and have enrolled over $30,000 in coaching contracts, something that I struggled to do just six months to a year ago. I love these numbers. I know that we're going to make an incredible impact, an incredible difference in so many men's lives. And I'm going to make an incredible income because of it. And I'm proud to do both. And I'm proud to say that this process has helped me get there. So thank you so much. Yamuna and Conscious Business Mastery is for real!”

Hi, I’m Yamuna

I’m the founder of Conscious Business Mastery and a former monk turned 7-figure business owner. If you had told me I would become an entrepreneur a few years ago, I would have laughed. I had no business background – plus, you can’t be spiritual and make good money, right..?

Driven by a deep desire to help humanity, I started offering Ayurveda sessions in Manhattan upon graduating from the ashram. I was delighted to see my clients transform and was soon booked out.

However, I realized that I needed to revolutionize my business model to keep sharing my gifts without getting burned out. So I invested $27k – money I didn’t have – in a business coach.

I’ve now worked with 200+ conscious entrepreneurs just like you, helping them 3x-10x their income within months. I’m excited to share everything I’ve learned during my 5+ years in business about the first and foundational step most entrepreneurs miss, the step that will make or break your business: your mindset. Don’t sleep on this limited-time offer – apply what you’ll learn, and this will be the best $7 you ever invested!

Here are some examples of what our incredible clients have achieved when working with us:

Meet Sheina

“And now, two months in, after going through mindset, goals, and fears to constructing the perfect program for my niche clientele, to launching ads, I've already onboarded 12 real clients into my program within two months of starting, which has been incredible, and it has exceeded my goals.”

Meet Lisa

“When I came to the program, I was making around $3,000 a month. And I was making that by just hustling. In my first couple of months of launching my programs, I have done $10-$11k in sales, which is unbelievable! So I am now working with Yamuna on scaling towards much bigger months. We're working towards $50k months, which is crazy.”

Meet Preston

“Number one, Yamuna and his team helped me own my gifts. Number two, they showed me how to do sales with integrity, with care, and with compassion. And number three, they gave me the mindset around money that I really needed before stepping into this type of work. It was as a result of these things that I made $43,000 in total revenue. If you show up and you care, you can do that too!”

Introducing: Visionary Mindset Course

I created the Visionary Mindset course to share everything I wish I had known at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, and later on when I was fully booked but nearly burned out.

This course is for you if you are ready for more impact and income in your business while staying in integrity. Master what you’ll learn, and commitment, devotion, and dedication will be natural byproducts, so you can create the results you desire with ease.

When you sign up for the Visionary Mindset course, you get INSTANT access to:

  • Module 1: 12 Amazing Ways To Keep Your Business Small. Learn the 12 common mistakes I’ve made and seen many of my clients make, so you can start serving at scale.

  • Module 2: 6 Steps to 6+ Figures Mindset Workshop. Get the transformative mindset shifts that will get you to 6-figures and beyond with ease.

  • Module 3: Claiming Your Gifts. Understand how to make your business a vessel for personal and spiritual growth, and the number 1 determining factor for when you should delegate.

  • Module 4: Removing Tolerations. Unlock the 1 shift that distinguishes thriving entrepreneurs from struggling ones.

  • Module 5: Money Mindset. Adapt the money mindset of 7-figure heart-centered entrepreneurs so you can get abundantly paid while staying in integrity.

  • Module 6: Fly in the Window. Apply this simple yet powerful metaphor to your life to instantly illuminate your blind spots and move forward fast.

  • Module 7: Visionary Budgeting. Enjoy this innovative budgeting exercise to align with the next-level version of yourself now.

  • Module 8: 37 Minutes to 7 Figures. Get the exact strategies I used to get to 6-figures and the pivots I made to reach 7-figures.

  • Module 9: 0 > 10K > 30K > 300K+/mo Framework. Learn the Conscious Business Mastery framework that 200+ of our students have used to create financial freedom.

  • BONUS: A worksheet with powerful questions normally reserved for our 5-figure mastermind clients to unlock the next level in your business.

Join 200+ conscious entrepreneurs who have 3x-10x’d their income doing what they love

Join 200+ conscious entrepreneurs who have 3x-10x’d their income doing what they love

Mindset Mastery for Abundance

Rewire your financial mindset to attract abundance and manifest financial freedom.

Attract Dream Clients

Learn the secrets to magnetizing clients who align perfectly with your vision and values.

Purpose-Driven Clarity

Gain crystal-clear insight into your unique path and the most impactful ways to serve your community.

Self-Investment for Growth

Commit to your personal growth through transformative retreats, training, and holistic bodywork and healing.

Strategic Alignment

Discover strategies that resonate with your skills and talents, paving the way for success in your unique journey.

Break Financial Ceilings

Overcome limiting beliefs and unlock new levels of financial achievement and satisfaction.

Your desires are yours for a reason

Contrary to what dogma says, I’ve come to realize that desires are safe guidance pointing you to your unique gifts. You came here to share your medicine and message in a way no one else can, and your time is now. Can you feel it?

Real Healers, Real Results

“Ahh – Celebrating the first sale!

I just signed up an aligned dream client for 4K! I feel incredibly enlivened and grateful for this journey. Thank you! The first of many!”

- Serenity Tedesco

“WIN we did it HIT over 100K in 10 days. 3 more sales today. So we are now at 114,314K. Oh yeah…. On fire. EPIC… OMG, WOW, making the world a better place.”

- Jo Formosa

“Graduating with an expected 43K in income and fully aligned clients. I mean, do I need to say more? Yamuna and his team: Thank you so much! It has been such a special journey!”

- Preston Bryant

Are you ready to be our next success story?

Are you ready to be our next success story?